SE equipments at each BL

Available Equipments /  Specifications
01 GM Refrigerator /  Temperature range:4-300K (- 600K ; with high-temperature stick)
Sample stick (Low-temperatureHigh-temperature
Sample stick with Gonio /  x and y axes can be tilted by +- 5-10 deg. at room temperature
02 Cryo-Furnace dedicated to "DNA" / 4.8K〜680K
Center stick (for Low-temperature, for High-temperature)
03 Gas flow type cooling system  / 〜90K (N2 gas)、〜20K(He gas)
3-axes goniometer  / 3 axes (φ=-180〜180°, χ=+15〜45°, ω=-180〜180°)
04 Auto sampler  / Sample capacity:100. Dimensions of sample(height x width) :2×3cm
05 Doppler shifter
XY moving stage(300mm100mm
3He detector
2D position senstive detector
06 Contact with the beam scientists (Hitoshi Endo and/or Masahiro Hino) is necessary.
08 GM Refrigerator /  Top-loading type. Temp. range:8K-R.T.
GM Refrigerator /  Bottom-loading type. Temp. range:4K-R.T.
Vanadium furnace /  Temp. range:R.T.-950℃
Auto sample changer /  10 samples can be installed
09 Auto sample changer /  40 samples can be installed
10 5-axis compact goniometer
11 Temperature control system /  Opposed anvil device.  0.1 GPa〜5 GPa. -190 ℃〜200 ℃
Paris-Edinburgh press /  Opposed anvil device. 0.1GPa〜20GPa
Six-axis multi-anvil press /  0.1GPa〜10GPa. Ambient temperature〜2000℃)
Pressure control system1 /  0〜0.2 GPa. Flow rate:0.1〜10ml/min
Pressure control system2 /  0〜0.3 GPa. Flow rate:0.0017〜12.83ml/min
Vacuum chamber globe box with pressure
Ruby fluorescence measurements system /  Ruby fluorescence measurement system at off-line
Raman spectrometer /  Raman spectroscopy and Ruby fluorescence measurement system at off-line and on-line.
GM Refrigerator /  Temp. range:6K-RT Cooling time:about 10hrs
12 GM Refrigerator /  Tmin = 4K
He3 Circulation Type Refrigerator /  Tmin = 0.6K
14 GM Refrigerator /  Top-loading type. Temperature:5〜320K
GM Refrigerator /  Bottom-loading type. Temperature: 5〜320 K
Sample stick (for top-loading CCR)
Vertical Magnetic Field 7T Magnet /  Maximum magnetic field: AMATERAS has a limitation on the applied field. Please contact BL14 staff members. Temperature range: 2-300K
Niobium Furnace /  Maximum temperature:1600℃(under vacuum), 1300℃(under argon gas)
15 Sample Changer /  Maximum Sample Number: 10, T=0〜70℃
3k Cryostat /  T=3K〜R.T.
4k Cryostat /  T=4K〜R.T.
Laser Heating Apparatus /  T=R.T.〜1,100℃
0.2Tesra Electromagnet /  B=0〜0.2Tesla
1Tesra Electromagnet /  B=0〜1Tesla
4Tesra Superconductong Magnet /  B=0〜4Tesla
10Tesra Superconductong Magnet /  B=0〜10Tesla
Tensile Load Apparatus /  Tensil force=100N〜1kN, T=R.T.〜300℃
16 Laser heating stage /  Evacuable sample stage equipped with a IR laser (100W, 880nm).  Temperature range: room temperature to 400 centigrade.
Langmuir trough /  A trough to make a langmuir monolayer for a reflectivity measurement.
Heater stage /  Two evacuable chambers having a silicon block equipped with a rubber heater (300 W). Temperature range: room temperature to 250 centigrade.
Peltier element stage /  Two evacuable chambers having a cupper block equipped with a peltier element (300 W). Temperature range: 0 centigrade to 100 centigrade.
Solid/liquid interface cell (with solenoid valve option) /  Sample cells for solid/liquid interface measurements.
17 M Fridge  / 3K - R.T.
1T Sample Magnet / Vertical or Horizontal. Maximum Field Strength: +/-1.0 Tesla ,
Gas-Atomosphere Sample Cell /  Sample Size:about 30 x 30mm2.  Gases:He, N2, Ar, H2O.
Humidity-Control Cell /  Temperature: R.T. Humidity: 0-100 %RH
Vertical Magnetic Field 7T Magnet /  Maximum magnetic field:7T. Temperature range:2〜300K
18 GM cryostat /  4-300K、2-axis Piezo-Motor(ω, φ)
Pulse tube cryostat /  4-300K、2-axis Piezo-Motor(ω, φ)
Room temperature goniometer / 2-axis1-axis
Vertical Magnetic Field 7T Magnet /  Maximum magnetic field:7T. Temperature range:2〜300K
Niobium Furnace /  Maximum temperature:1600℃(under vacuum), 1300℃(under argon gas)
19 BL19 Standard loading machine /   Gear type.  Maximum tension load: 50 kN. Maximum compression load: 30 kN.
Furnace system for high temp loading /  Halogen lamp furnace.  Added to BL19 standard loading machine. Maximum temperature: 1273 K.
100 K cooling system for loading experiment /  Added to BL19 standard loading machine.  Temparature range: 80 to 473 K
Cryogenic loading machine /  Temperature range: 6 to 200 K.  Maximum tensile load : 50 kN.
Fatigue machine /  Oil pressure: 21 MPa. Maximum load (tencile and compressive): 50 kN
High temperature loading machine for small specimen /   Gear type.  Maximum tension or load: 30 kN . Maximum temperature: 1273 K
Dilatometer /  Maximum temperature:1273 K. Measured dilatation range:±0.1μm to ±2500μm
Eularian Cradle /  For texture measurement, triaxial stress measurement
Gandolfi goniometer /  αaxis: 0 to 360°, βaxis: 0 to 360°
20 Auto Sample Change System /  R.T. only,  Only φ6 Vanadium Holder
30 Sample changer /  R.T. only,  Maxφ60
4K cryo(CF)(CF) /  4K〜R.T.
cryo furnace for MT (CF) /  R.T.〜600K
1K cryo /  1K〜R.T.
Vanadium Furnace /  R.T.〜900℃
Sample changer for SA /  R.T.
21 Sample Changer /  Sample number:10
Temperature controlled Sample Changer /  Sample number:18. Temperature:20 - 500 K
GM Refrigerator /  Temperature:5 - R.T.
Center stick (for Low-temperature, for High-temperature)
Hydrogen Absorption/Desorption Measurement System /  Temperature:50 - 473 K
22 Large sample stage / Table size : φ700 mm
Middle sample stage / Table size:φ300 mm, φ700 mm
Small sample stage / Table size : φ150 mm
High-temperature system / Temperature range : R.T. ~ 1000 ℃, Internal diameter : φ36 mm
Muon Mini-Cryo / Temperature:4〜400K.
Vertical Cryostat / Temperature:2〜300K.
Optical Cryostat / Temperature:4〜300K.
Dilution Refrigerator / Temperature:<90mK. Sample space:40mmΦ
Furnace / Temperature:300-1000K
D1 Longitudinal Field Magnet / Magnetic field:0-3500G
D1 Transverse Field Magnet / Magnetic field:0-140G
U1A Longitudinal Field Magnet / Magnetic field:0-1200G
U1A Helium Flow Cryostat /  Temperature:4〜300K
Common (neutron beamlines) 2K cryostat /  Temperature:1.7〜300K, ω rotaion(±180°)
Dilution refrigerator /  Temperature:100mK〜40K. Maximum sample size:40mmΦ×95mmH
3He cryostat /  Temperature:0.3〜300K. ω rotaion(±135°), Dry type
Niobium furnace /  Maximum temperature:1600℃(under vacuum), 1300℃(under argon gas), 1000℃(under He gas), Maximum sample size:35mmΦ×100mmH, ω rotaion(±180°)
7T vertical-field magnet /  Maximum magnetic field:7T. Temperature range:2〜300K
Center stick ( High-temperature:R.T.〜1,600K, High-temperature:R.T.〜1,000K )
Xenon light source /  300 W
Furnace for small-angle scattering and neutron reflectivity measurement /  Temperature:RT〜1000℃(vacuum)  RT〜900℃(He or N2 gas)
Mercury light source /  250 W
LED light source /  367 nm, 408 nm, 441 nm, 521 nm
Raman spectrometer for neutron/ Raman simultaneous measurement /  Excitation laser:785 nm
Paris-Edinburgh pressure cells (VX-5) /  Opposed anvil device, Working load: 130 tonf for room temperature use, Max. pressure: 20 GPa
Syringe pump