Message from Director of J-PARC Center


  I am pleased that last year again, we were able to safely and stably operate the accelerators and provide the beam to the users thoroughly observing COVID-19 countermeasures. I am truly grateful for your cooperation and efforts. With regard also to efforts to explain the science output from J-PARC to the general populace, while most of the events held last year were on a remote basis or in a hybrid format, many people viewed our online facility open house.

  Following a maintenance period from summer 2021, MLF user beam operations will resume in January 2022. The MR accelerator is in the midst of a long-term shutdown for the upgrade. Commissioning of the newly installed devices will start from JFY2022 starting from April 2022, and from fall 2022, we will proceed with increasing power while extracting a beam to our experimental facility.

  The mission of J-PARC is to contribute improving the "Quality of Life" of humanity by developing research in a wide range of fields such as elementary particle/nuclear physics and material/life sciences, and to delve into the mysteries of space, materials, and the origins of life. We will continue our efforts to achieve a safer J-PARC, and to improve our safety management to an even further extent.

  The development of J-PARC is made possible by the efforts of J-PARC members, users around the world, and the cooperation of all related companies who have been involved. Even under the unclear prospects due to COVID-19 countermeasures and international situations, we would like to recall the mission of J-PARC and sincerely continue to develop researches. I look forward to working with all of you again this year.


January 2022
Takashi Kobayashi, Director, J-PARC Center