Message from Director of J-PARC Center


Greetings to everyone as we move into a new fiscal year.

This April, I was appointed for another term (three years) as director of the center, so I am bracing myself again. Due to the rules, this will be my last three years as director, and I would like to complete the reforms I have promoted, through collaboration with partners both inside and outside J-PARC, and then hand the reins over to the next director.

In a nutshell, these reforms will establish a framework for creating the future together with our users and society. We have developed a framework for facility management enabling continuously safe and stable operation, organizational management to consistently produce results together with users, and a collaboration system to help further expand facilities by returning our results more widely to society.

However, at the present stage, we have only finished preparation for reform. Of course, even in this "preparation period," we have produced a variety of results with the cooperation of users and facilities, but this does not mean we have adequately realized the latent potential of these large-scale research facilities built thanks to the high aspirations of our predecessors. In the coming three years, I plan to work hard with all of you so that together we can see the day when the framework we have established functions more effectively, and we achieve results through collaboration between facilities and users.

I promise to strive to the utmost to help more people recognize, as a result of these initiatives, that it is a great thing to have J-PARC in Japan, and I will let that stand as my greeting for the new fiscal year.

April 2018
Naohito Saito, Director, J-PARC Center