Dear MLF Users,

   In order to cope with the pandemic of COVID-19 infection in Japan, the MLF temporarily suspended users visit since April 8th, and stopped the operation from April 20th.

   J-PARC will now gradually resume its operation while making efforts to secure the safety of staff, so that the MLF will become ready for use on May 15th. Meanwhile, user access will be resumed only conditionally in accordance with the relaxation of regulations of Japanese government and local governments.

   Concerning our policy of handling users' experiments which were cancelled due to the impact of COVID-19, we will let you know by the end of May.

   We apologize for any of your inconvenience, and greatly appreciate your understanding.

   Division Head, Materials & Life Science Division Toshiya Otomo
contact information: mlf-covid19[@]

   * Please replace "[at]" with "@"