Message from Director of J-PARC Center

  Messages from Dr. Takashi KOBAYASHI, who has been appointed as the Director of the J-PARC Center for three years, starting from April 2021.


  The objective of J-PARC is to make people's intellectual and material life wealthy. We pursue this by providing domestic and international users with a wide variety of secondary particle beams including neutrons, muons, neutrinos, kaons, etc. produced by world's highest-level intense proton beams. We conduct diverse research and development from basic science to industrial applications in materials and life sciences and particle and nuclear physics. Since the start of J-PARC operation in 2008 we keep increasing the beam power and upgrading the equipment, and have numerous achievements in each field. Typical examples are the discovery of new neutrino-oscillation phenomenon and a series of research on strong interaction in particle and nuclear physics, and the discovery of new superconducting phenomena, elucidation of the function in biological materials, and development of new substances in materials and life sciences. We would push these studies further, explore the mysteries of the origin of the universe, matter, and life, and contribute to the advancement of human beings' quality of life .

  Based on what we have accumulated so far on safety management, we will continue to make further efforts to produce research results.

  I am realizing that J-PARC was able to reach here due to tremendous efforts by successive J-PARC Directors, all members of JAEA and KEK, and our users from all over the world, and due to strong cooperation by all members of the companies that have been involved. My mission is, with all the J-PARC people and together with users and companies, to develop J-PARC further by promoting collaboration with domestic and foreign institutions, enhancing industrial use, and doing interdisciplinary projects that take advantage of the characteristics of multi-purpose research complex, and to nurture J-PARC to be contributing more, by sharing outputs from our studies widely with the people, to the pride of Japan and to the development of human beings.

  We look forward to your continuing understanding, guidance and encouragement.


April 1, 2021
Director, J-PARC Center