A lot of institutions related to research facility and it which it is complicated, and are unique are placed in J-PARC.
The very important thing does not cause an accident for a good study. And it is important to take appropriate measures in emergency when an accident occurs.
There are original safety administrative bodies such as J-PARC radiation control office to manage safety integrally in the J-PARC center.The safety and health managemnt system makes J-PARC director the top.The safe screening committee by the expert does the deliberation and the examination of safe measures.
Because we do a good study, please cooperate with keep of safety.
case of emergency

The emergency assembly areas refer to at a map.【emergency assembly areas map
When a big earthquake was generated when there is you in NU,MLF,HADRON and others, please evacuate to "tsunami assembly area" hastily.You please do not gather in emergency assembly area by the place.
case of injured person,sick person
When there are an injured person , a sick person, please talk on the telephone in fire department (Telephone 119) to order an ambulance. Then, please do a person concerned report.
First-aid kit and automated external defibrillator (AED) come to be usable in each institution.
In the doorways of an experiment institution and the tunnel, wheelchair or a breathing gear(SCBA) come to be usable for lifesaving.
The AED etc. refer to at a map.【First aid kit and AED lodcation map
case of work in radiation management area
When you enter radiation controlled areas and work in radiation controlled areas, a procedure of the authorized registration is necessary beforehand as radiation worker.It is for radiation safety.
consultation about the safety
(consultation about the radiation) Radiation safety section
(consultation about other than a radiation) General safety section