Measures against COVID-19 at J-PARC

To everyone involved in the J-PARC Center

We ask you for your continued cooperation in the following efforts as preventive measures against COVID-19.

  ❈ Check your health daily [Take a rest, if you do not feel well.]
  ❈ Avoid closed spaces, crowded places and close-contact settings. [Reduce the capacity of meeting rooms down to about half.]
  ❈ Ventilate effectively and frequently. [Open two or more windows or use electric fans.]
  ❈ Wash and disinfect your hands and fingers. [Don't forget to wash around the nails and the backs of hands.]
  ❈ Wear a mask when talking and working in close proximity. [Prevent droplet infection.]
  ❈ Disinfect places where are frequently touched by hands. [Around three times in a day or before and after meals and tea time]

In addition, please note the following point to prevent heat stroke.

  ❈ Appropriately take off the mask when you are outside the building and you can keep enough distance from other people.

We ask all the visitors to submit "Physical condition check sheet" when you enter the site. We appreciate for your kind cooperation.

Stay healthy!

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