J-PARC 2009A期(2009年度上期)採択課題リスト

Proposal No. Instrument Title of Experiment Principal Investigator Affiliation
2009A0005 BL-01 High energy magnetic excitations in a triplet superconductor Sr2RuO4 Seung-Hun Lee University of Virginia
2009A0001 BL-03 Neutron diffraction of IPPase Leighton Coates Oak Ridge National Laboratory U.S.A.
2009A0002 BL-03 Investigating the structure of the ammonia transport channel with Neutron Protein Crystallography Leighton Coates Oak Ridge National Laboratory U.S.A.
2009A0008 BL-03 Neutron Diffraction Studies of Y4Mo Heteropentametallic Polyhydrides Takanori SHIMA RIKEN
2009A0029 BL-03 Elucidating the protonation site of aspartate residues in the substrate recognition region of the human MTH1 protein Yuriko Yamagata Kumamoto University
2009A0044 BL-03 Neutron diffraction analysis of disodium uridine 5'-monophosphate heptahydrate Yoko Sugawara Kitasato University
2009A0003 BL-08 Structural determination for materials design of Bi-based perovskite ferroelectric oxides Yuji NOGUCHI University of Tokyo
2009A0004 BL-08 To understand the multiferroic mechanism of Pb(Fe0.5Nb0.5)O3 Je-Geun Park Sungkyunkwan univ. KOREA
2009A0009 BL-08 Crystal and magnetic structure of multiferroic BiFeO3-BaTiO3 composite Hiroyuki Kimura Tohoku University
2009A0011 BL-08 Work Hardening Mechanism of Ti Alloys Studied by In-Situ TOF Neutron Diffraction During Tensile Deformation Satoshi Morooka Yokohama national university
2009A0012 BL-08 Time slice structure analysis for microstructure evolution during processing of Ti alloys Satoshi Morooka Yokohama national university
2009A0013 BL-08 Heat-treatment effects on crystal structures of Li(Mn, Ni, Co)O2 as cathode active materials for lithium ion battery Yasushi Idemoto Tokyo University of Science
2009A0014 BL-08 Investigation on an effect of Bi2SiO5 addition on crystal structure and nuclear density distribution of Sr1-xCexBi2Ta2-yWyO9 ferroelectric oxide with Rietveld and maximum entropy methods Yasushi Idemoto Tokyo University of Science
2009A0035 BL-08 Mchanism of ferroelectric transition in multiferroic MnWO4 Hajime Sagayama Tohoku University
2009A0038 BL-08 Doping effect on crystal structure in nanoporous material C12A7 RYOJI KIYANAGI Tohoku university
2009A0070 BL-08 Structures of Hydrogen-Molecule Storage Rh- and Cu- Coordination Complexes Sadamu Takeda Hokkaido University
2009A0017 BL-10 Experimental test of TOF-MIEZE spectrometer Masahiro Hino Kyoto University
2009A0024 BL-10 Experimental study on a calibration method of devices for neutrons from thermal to several 100 MeV using a spallation neutron source Tetsuro Matsumoto National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
2009A0027 BL-10 High Magnetic Field Neutron Diffractions in Frustrated Multi-ferroics Hiroyuki NOJIRI Tohoku University
2009A0046 BL-10 Development of neutron scintillator monitor detector Tatsuya Nakamura Japan Atomic Energy Agency
2009A0065 BL-10 Development of neutron beam focusing devices using large-m supermirror on precisely figured aspheric surfaces Dai Yamazaki Japan Atomic Energy Agency
2009A0069 BL-10 Neutron micrometer-scale imaging detector using electronic zooming tube kazuhiko soyama Japan Atomic Energy Agency
2009A0078 BL-10 半導体素子のシングルイベント耐性試験に係る白色中性子場のフィージビリティ評価 浅井 弘彰 HIREC Corporation
2009A0025 BL-14 Actual Ground State of Higher-Rank Multipolar Ordered State in Pr-filled Skutterudite Kazuaki Iwasa Tohoku University
2009A0051 BL-14 Effect of hydration on protein dynamics by TOF-elastic resolution spectroscopy Hiroshi Nakagawa Japan Atomic Energy Agency
2009A0054 BL-14 Cooperative dynamics in noble-metal halides superionic melts YUKINOBU KAWAKITA Kyushu University
2009A0057 BL-14 Observation of magnetic ordering and excitation in triangular antiferromagnetic copper compounds Sadamu Takeda Hokkaido University
2009A0064 BL-14 Crystal field excitation and possible multipole fluctuation in DyB6 Takeshi Matsumura Hiroshima University
2009A0080 BL-14 非干渉性中性子非弾性散乱測定による繊維表面吸着水の動的特性解析〜革新的な衣服の快適性に関する研究を目指して〜 菅井 實夫 Technology Research Institute of Osaka Prefecture
2009A0006 BL-19 In situ neutron diffraction study on pseudoelasticity in Fe3Al and Fe3Ga alloys Hiroyuki Yasuda Osaka University
2009A0021 BL-19 Residual stress measurement for textured materials Yo Tomota Ibaraki University
2009A0022 BL-19 In situ neutron diffraction during tensile deformation in nano-TRIP steels and advanced cast irons Yo Tomota Ibaraki University
2009A0026 BL-19 In situ investigation of residual strain by Bragg-edge transmission method and diffraction. Kenji Iwase Ibaraki University
2009A0034 BL-19 Three dimensional strain analysis of the Nb3Sn superconducting composite cables Satoshi Awaji Tohoku University
2009A0036 BL-19 Thermal Stress in Bulk Metallic Glasses and Their Accommodation by Annealing Hiroshi Suzuki Japan Atomic Energy Agency
2009A0047 BL-19 Strain measurement of MgB2 superconducting wire Yoshinori Tsuchiya National Institute for Materials Science
2009A0049 BL-19 Development of neutron scintillation detector Kaoru Sakasai Japan Atomic Energy Agency
2009A0050 BL-19 Irradiation test on two-dimensional gas detector based on pin grid array package type detector element and individual line readout method Kentaro Toh Japan Atomic Energy Agency
2009A0053 BL-19 Flux-pinning-induced stress and magnetostriction in bulk superconductors Kozo Osamura Research Institute for Applied Sciences
2009A0076 BL-19 構造物内部のボルトの軸力測定 浅井 洋光 株式会社デンソー
2009A0077 BL-19 エンジン用ピストンの残留応力評価 (1) 平野 辰巳 (株)日立製作所 日立研究所
2009A0079 BL-19 コールドスプレー皮膜の残留応力測定 香川 和良 Kanto Auto Works,Ltd.
2009A0015 BL-20 Differentiation between deuterated and non-deuterated oligo peptide chains in the formation of beta-sheet structure Meir Lahav weizmann institute of science
2009A0020 BL-20 Structural study on square-planarly coordinated iron oxides Hiroshi Kageyama Kyoto University
2009A0028 BL-20 Crystal structure of ferroelectric and hydrogen-ordered ices in the solar system Hiroshi Fukazawa Japan Atomic Energy Agency
2009A0030 BL-20 Crystal structure analysis of Li2MnO3 reduced by metal hydride - New cathode material for lithium batteries Ryoji Kanno Tokyo Institute of Technology
2009A0032 BL-20 Structural studies of the high refractive-index titanate glass yasutomo arai Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
2009A0039 BL-20 Incorporated hydride in nanoporous material C12A7-H- and its reaction to UV irradiation RYOJI KIYANAGI Tohoku university
2009A0042 BL-20 The determination of hydorogen bonding structure of water molecular assemblies in hydrophobic small spaces Taku Iiyama Shinshu University
2009A0045 BL-20 (iMATERIA) Ordered Structure of the Low-Temperature Phase of La2Mo2O9Oxide Ion Conductor and the Stabilization of High-Temperature Form by Pb and Bi Shigeomi Takai Tottori University
2009A0066 BL-20 Structural analysis of new LiCoO2 for lithium-ion batteries Shinichi Komaba Tokyo University of Science
2009A0068 BL-20 Study on preferred orientation analysis using the pulsed neutron Bragg-edge transmission spectroscopy through the comparison with the diffraction measurement Takashi Kamiyama Hokkaido University
2009A0095 BL-20 Investigation of crystal structure formation under microwave heating Sadatsugu Takayama National Institute for Fusion Science
2009A0007 D1 Correlation between Magnetism and Superconductivity in Iron-Oxypnictide Superconductors Ryosuke Kadono High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
2009A0016 D1 Magnetic ground state of a frustrated S=3/2 honeycomb antiferromagnet Bi3Mn4O12(NO3) Masaki Azuma Kyoto University
2009A0023 D1 Measurements of an Extinction Ratio and a Muonic Atom Formation Rate Masaharu Aoki Osaka University
2009A0031 D1 Lithium diffusion in lithium-transition-metal-oxides Jun Sugiyama Toyota Central R&D Labs. Inc
2009A0041 D1 Magnetism of Mercury-based Superconductors: single to multi-layer systems Kenji Kojima University of Tokyo
2009A0043 D1 Study on the first step of muonic atom formation from a viewpoint of the muon spin polarization Kazuhiko NINOMIYA Osaka University
2009A0052 D1 Pre-martensitic phenomena of thermoelastic martensitic transformation in NiTi alloys studied by muon Mototsugu Mihara Osaka University
2009A0055 D1 Development of non-destructive multi-elemental analysis system by muonic X-ray KENYA KUBO International Christian University
2009A0059 D1 μSR study of iron-substitution effects on the Cu-spin dynamics in La2-xSrxCu1-yFeyO4 Tadashi Adachi Tohoku University
2009A0060 D1 μSR study of magnetic properties of CaFe2O4-type NaMn2O4 and LiMn2O4 Kazuyasu Tokiwa Tokyo University of Science
2009A0062 D1 Muonium Formation in Liquids khashayar ghandi Faculty member
2009A0063 D1 Spin dynamics in multiferroic perovskite TbMnO3 probed by muon spin relaxation Akihiro Koda High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
2009A0075 D1 μSR study on isolated hydrogen charge state in oxygen deficient SrTiO3 Koichiro Shimomura High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
Proposal No. Instrument Title of Experiment Principal Investigator Affiliation
2009A0087 BL-01 Neutron Scattering Study of High-Tc Superconductors Masatoshi Arai Japan Atomic Energy Agency
2009A0010 BL-04 Measurements of nuclear data of minor actinides and long lived fission products for advanced nuclear systems Yoshiaki Kiyanagi Hokkaido University
2009A0090 BL-08 Structual study of funcutional materials and development of advaned methodology using SuperHRPD Takashi Kamiyama KEK
2009A0081 BL-10 Research and Development of energy selective neutron imaging technique Masahito Matsubayashi Japan Atomic Energy Agency
2009A0083 BL-10 Development and Application of Neutron Optical and Detection Systems Jun-ichi Suzuki Japan Atomic Energy Agency
2009A0084 BL-10 Prompt Gamma-ray Analysis on NOBORU Yoshimi Kasugai Japan Atomic Energy Agency
2009A0073 BL-14 Magnetic excitations in quantum spin systems and frustrated magnets Kazuhisa Kakurai Japan Atomic Energy Agency
2009A0089 BL-14 Neutron Scattering Study of High-Tc Superconductors Masatoshi Arai Japan Atomic Energy Agency
2009A0082 BL-19 Development of high pressure devices for neutron powder diffraction study Wataru Utsumi Japan Atomic Energy Agency
2009A0085 BL-19 Stress/ Strain Effects on Industrial Superconducting Composites Harjo Stefanus Japan Atomic Energy Agency
2009A0087 D1 Microscopic study of novel properties of f-electron systems by means of μSR Wataru Higemoto Japan Atomic Energy Agency
Proposal No. Instrument Title of Experiment Principal Investigator Affiliation
2009A0093 BL-01 Commissioning of the 4SEASONS spectrometer Ryoichi Kajimoto Japan Atomic Energy Agency
2009A0058 BL-10 Study on Neutronic Performance of JSNS Fujio Maekawa Japan Atomic Energy Agency
2009A0092 BL-14 Commissioning of AMATERAS Kenji Nakajima Japan Atomic Energy Agency
2009A0094 BL-19 Residual stress study on BL19 Kazuya Aizawa Japan Atomic Energy Agency
2009A0091 D1 Muon Beam Commissioning I for the Decay-Surface Muon Channel Yasuhiro Miyake KEK