The seventh workshop on NEUtron WAVElength-dependent imaging

The seventh workshop on NEUtron WAVElength-dependent imaging will take place from May 31st to June 3rd at the Ibaraki Prefectural Culture Center in Mito city, Ibaraki, Japan.


The NEUWAVE series aims to discuss the latest advances in imaging techniques, applications and instrumentation that utilize neutron energy-dependent interactions.

NEUWAVE treats
1) techniques to generate energy-variable beams,
2) the construction of beam lines at steady and pulsed sources,
3) measurement techniques to make use of energy dependent effects and
4) scientific measurements making use of these techniques.

This meeting follows the successful meetings held in Garching, Germany (April 2008), Abingdon, UK (June 2009), Sapporo, Japan (June 2010), Gatlinburg TN, USA (October 2011), Lund, Sweden (April 2013) and Garching, Germany (April 2014).
This workshop focuses on discussions for each contribution, and all participants are encouraged to participate in the discussions. Participants from the same institute are recommended to give joint talks if on the same or similar subjects, in order to leave more time for discussion.

On the basis of tradition the workshop will start with a walking discussion in nature on Sunday, May 31st. Many collaborations and projects have been facilitated through these tours in the past. Oral presentations and discussions will be held from Monday, June 1st to Wednesday, June 3rd. A workshop dinner in the evening of Tuesday, June 2nd and a visit to the Material and Life science experimental Facility (MLF) within the J-PARC site in the afternoon of Wednesday, June 3rd will be organized.

Program Committee

B. Schillinger, FRM-II
E. Lehmann, PSI
N. Kardjilov, HZB
M. Arif, NIST
Y. Kiyanagi, Nagoya University
J. Santisteban, Centro Atomico Bariloche
W. Kockelmann, ISIS

Local Organizing Committee

M. Futakawa, J-PARC JAEA

H. Hayashida, CROSS
T. Shinohara, J-PARC JAEA
M. Segawa, NSEC, JAEA
S. Zhang, CROSS
Y. Matsumoto, CROSS
J. Parker, CROSS
S. Suzuki, CROSS


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