[news-l-14] NP02: 1st announcement

From: Shin'ya SAWADA (shinya.sawada@kek.jp)
Date: Fri May 17 2002 - 15:54:36 JST

             2nd International Workshop
      Nuclear and Particle Physics At 50-GeV PS

              September 27 - 29, 2002
           Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan
                First Announcement

This is the first announcement on the 2nd International
Workshop on Nuclear and Particle Physics at 50-GeV PS,
which will be held at Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan, from
September 27 through 29, 2002.

The KEK/JAERI Joint Project for high-intensity proton
accelerators proceeded into a construction phase since
April, 2001. The civil engineering of the accelerators is
about to start now.

When we turn to the experimental all, the building plan
for the Phase 1 construction should be finalized by March
2003 to complete its construction by March 2007. In
addition, Letters of Intent for the experiments at the
50-GeV PS will be called soon and the deadline will be set
around the end of this year. Towards these goals, it is
about a time to discuss the physics programs and beamline
installation in the early stage of the facility operation
starting in 2007. We also need to consider future extensions
of the facility at the 50-GeV PS.

The first International Workshop on Nuclear and Particle
Physics at 50-GeV PS was held at KEK in December, 2001.
We discussed many interesting physics topics and experimental
techniques, which are unique for this facility. (Transparencies
are available at http://www-jhf.kek.jp/NP01/ ).

As the 2nd workshop on this topic, we would like to extend
the discussion towards more concrete and detailed one
especially to materialize our physics plan into LOIs. The
dates of this workshop are set to right before the PANIC02
conference (http://www.rcnp.osaka-u.ac.jp/~panic02) and
the location is chosen to be Kyoto, which is about 50 km
northeast from PANIC02 conference site in Osaka. If you
plan to attend PANIC02, we hope you can come to Japan a
few days earlier to join this workshop.

The details of the workshop will be distributed in the next
circular. The Workshop Home Page is located at
http://www-jhf.kek.jp/NP02/. We plan to provide a link
for the online registration form including hotel reservation
from PANIC02 home page for your convenience.

Subjects to be discussed:
1. Strangeness Nuclear Physics Experiments
2. Nuclear/Hadron Physics Experiments
3. Kaon Rare Decay Experiments
4. Muon Rare Decay Experiments
5. Neutrino Experiments
6. Physics with Low Energy Anti-Protons

Local Organizing Committee:
S. Nagamiya (KEK/JAERI; Chairperson),
K. Imai (Kyoto)
J. Imazato (KEK)
T. Kobayashi (KEK)
T. Nagae (KEK)
T. Nakaya (Kyoto)
K. Nishikawa (Kyoto)
N. Saito (Kyoto)
S. Sawada (KEK)
T. Yamanaka (Osaka)
K. Yoshimura (KEK)

If you have questions or comments, please send us an
e-mail to Naohito Saito (Kyoto University) at

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