[news-l-15] Call for LoI on experiments at 50-GeV PS

From: Shin'ya SAWADA (shinya.sawada@kek.jp)
Date: Tue Jul 09 2002 - 13:53:13 JST

กกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกก July 1, 2002
Dear Friends:

>From April 1, 2001, a new accelerator project has been started
in Japan at which high intensity proton beams of a MW class are
available at both 50 GeV PS and 3 GeV PS. The first beams are
expected in early 2007.

On behalf of the Project Team of the JAERI-KEK Joint Project
on this project, I would like to distribute

  "Call for Letters of Intent (LoI's) on Nuclear and Particle
  Physics Experiments at 50 GeV PS"

which can be downloaded from our web site under
http://jkj.tokai.jaeri.go.jp/ .

Because we must start to fix various parameters for the project,
I would like to ask you to pay a special attention to this call
for LoI's. Of course, this call for LoI's will not decide the
entire parameters. We will try to reserve as much freedom as
possible, so that we can accept new ideas and new proposal in
subsequent years. However, the first LoI's are important for us
to advance into the first decision of various parameters for
both accelerators and experimental halls.

I warmly invite you to consider possible experiments at a
forthcoming facility in Japan.

    กกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกSincerely yours,
       กกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกกก Shoji Nagamiya
E-mail: shoji.nagamiya@kek.jp
Tel: 81-298-64-5678, Fax: 81-298-64-5258

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