[news-l-12] Workshop at CSSM-Adelaide

From: Shin'ya SAWADA (shinya.sawada@kek.jp)
Date: Wed Feb 13 2002 - 14:01:52 JST

Dear Friends,

This is an announcement of a workshop on physics at our facility
held by our colleagues at Adelaide. Thank you for your cooperation.

Best Regards,
Shin'ya Sawada (KEK)


        Workshop on "physics at the Japanese Hadron Facility
        in CSSM-Adelaide,Australia on 14-21 March 2002.

        The aim of the workshop is to bring experimentalists and
theorists together in order to discuss the scientific possibilities of
the physics program proposed at Japanese Hadron Facility (JHF)
(http://jkj.tokai.jaeri.go.jp). Since
the JHF project is in its infancy, it is clearly very important to define
what physics is interesting and feasible to study at JHF, both from
theoretical and experimental points of view. It is hoped that through
both formal presentations, and informal discussions we will be able to
reach this goal.

        Some of the main topics for consideration are:

Strangeness in Nuclear Matter
Nuclear and Nucleon Structure Functions
Hadronic Properties of Nuclei
Neutrino Oscillations and Interactions

         International Advisory Comitee :

T. Hatsuda (U. Tokyo)
K. Imai (Kyoto)
G. Krein (IFT, Sao Paulo)
S. Nagamiya (JHF, Tokai)
M. Oka (Tokyo Inst. Tech.)
A.W. Thomas (CSSM, Adelaide)
H. Toki (RCNP, Osaka)

For more details please look at the web-page


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