@J-PARC News - September 2012 (Issue #90)
Ceremony for the Completion of a New Neutron Diffraction Device on September 4th
      The instrument (SPICA) is dedicated for analyzing the internal atomic structure and behavior in batteries. It is the only one in the world capable to monitor them in a battery in action (charging and discharging). Using pulsed neutron beams from J-PARC, it has the highest time and space resolutions and is expected to be a great tool to develop batteries by understanding the mechanism that takes place inside of a battery. This project is part of the 7-year project under RISING (Research and Development Initiative for Scientific Innovation of New Generation Batteries).

      Prior to the celebration party by KEK, NEDO and Kyoto University at the Ibaraki Quantum Beam Research Center (IQBRC) near J-PARC, many invited participants attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony and the tour of the BL09 SPICA at MLF.

      KEK:High Energy Accelerator Organization
      NEDO:New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organizationn

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The Imaging Workshop using Pulsed Neutron Beams on September 3
      As a 3-year project, the construction of the world first 3D-imaging instrument using pulsed neutron beams will start at MLF in the FYR 2012. The instrument is designed to use the characteristics of pulsed neutron beams with a wide range of energy levels and allows us to take multiple 3D images with different energy levels simultaneously. Consequently, it is expected to apply for not only structural study but also chemical and physical studies, such as elemental and magnetic distributions of a matter.

      At the workshop there were many active discussions. Requests from possible users were very helpful to develop the experimental environment.

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Resuming user programs at J-PARC
      Planned maintenance and upgrade were safely completed for all J-PARC facilities during the summer shutdown from July to September. The beam operation for the Neutrino and the MLF user programs has been resumed in the middle of October.

      We are happy to report that the number of proposals for the MLF user program has risen steadily, except for the 2011B term after the earthquake, with increasing the beam power and the number of available beam lines. This is because that neutron scattering experiments have been now widely recognized as a useful tool among researchers. Accordingly, the number of proposals for the 2012B operations period increased by 50% compared with that for the 2012A period.

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The 26th LINAC International Conference
      The 26th International Linear Accelerator Conference, LINAC 12, was held in Tel Aviv, Israel from September 9 to 14, 2012. It is the most prestigious international conference in the world in the field of linac. More than 300 researchers from 19 countries attended the conference and forty-eight invited talks and 270 poster presentations were given. While there were many presentations on superconducting linac, Kazuo HASEGAWA, the accelerator division leader and the other 6 J-PARC members reported the up-to-date recovery status of Linac from the earthquake and the power ramp-up plan of Linac. The attendee also visited the Soreq Nuclear Research Center after the conference.

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