List of proposed experiments for Nuclear and Particle Physics Experiments at J-PARC

Summary table of proposed experments up to the 15th PAC meeting
E03 K.Tanida SNU Measurement of X rays from Ξ- Atom  Stage 2 K1.8 preparation
E05 T.Nagae Kyoto U Spectroscopic Study of Ξ- Hypernucleus, 12ΞBe, via the 12C(K-, K+) Reaction Stage 2 K1.8 preparation
E06 J.Imazato KEK Measurement of T-violating Transverse Muon Polarization in K+->π0μ+ν Decays Stage 1 K1.1BR  
E07 K.Imai, K.Nakazawa, H.Tamura JAEA, Gifu U, Tohoku U Systematic Study of Double Strangeness System with an Emulsion-counter Hybrid Method Stage 2 K1.8 preparation
E08 A.Krutenkova ITEP Pion double charge exchange on oxygen at J-PARC Stage 1 K1.8  
E10 A.Sakaguchi, T.Fukuda Osaka U Production of Nuetron-Rich Λ-Hypernuclei with the Double Charge-Exchange Reactions Stage 2 K1.8 preparation
E11 T.Kobayashi KEK Tokai-to-Kamioka (T2K) Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experimental Proposal Stage 2 neutrino data taking
E13 H.Tamura Tohoku U Gamma-ray spectroscopy of light hypernuclei Stage 2 K1.8 preparation
E14 T.Yamanaka Osaka U Proposal for KL→ π0νν Experiment at J-PARC Stage 2 KL beamline tuning
E15 M.Iwasaki, T.Nagae RIKEN, Kyoto U A Search for deeply-bound kaonic nuclear states by in-flight 3He(K-, n) reaction Stage 2 K1.8BR preparation
E16 S.Yokkaichi RIKEN Electron pair spectrometer at the J-PARC 50-GeV PS to explore the chiral symmetry in QCD Stage 1 high p  
E17 R.Hayano, H.Outa U Tokyo, RIKEN Precision spectroscopy of Kaonic 3He 3d → 2p X-rays Stage 2 K1.8BR beamline tuning
E18 H.Bhang, H.Outa, H.Park SNU, RIKEN, KRISS Coincidence Measurement of the Weak Decay of 12ΛC and the three-body weak interaction process Stage 2 K1.8 preparation
E19 M.Naruki KEK High-resolution Search for Θ+ Pentaquark in π-p → K-X Reactions Stage 2 K1.8 data taking
E21 Y.Kuno Osaka U An Experimental Search for Lepton Flavor Violating μ−e Conversion at Sensitivity of 10−16 with a Slow-Extracted Bunched Proton Beam Stage 1 new beamline  
E22 S. Ajimura, A.Sakaguchi Osaka U Exclusive Study on the Lambda-N Weak Interaction in A=4 Lambda-Hypernuclei (Revised from Initial P10) Stage 1 K1.8  
E26 K. Ozawa KEK Search for ω-meson nuclear bound states in the π-+AZ → n+(A-1)(Z-1) ω reaction, and for ω mass modification in the in-medium &omega → π0γ decay. Stage 1 K1.8  
E27 T. Nagae Kyoto U Search for a nuclear K bound state K-pp in the d(π+,K+) reaction Stage 2 K1.8 data taking
E29 H. Ohnishi RIKEN Search for φ-meson nuclear bound states in the p + AZ → φ + (A-1)φ(Z-1) reaction Stage 1 K1.1  
E31 H. Noumi RCNP, Osaka U Spectroscopic study of hyperon resonances below KN threshold via the (K-, n) reaction on Deuteron Stage 1 K1.8BR  
E40 K.Miwa Tohoku U Measurement of the cross sections of Σp scatterings Stage 1 K1.8  


Summary table of test experments up to the 15th PAC meeting
T25 S. Mihara KEK Extinction Measurement of J-PARC Proton Beam at K1.8BR Test experiment K1.1BR data taking
T32 A. Rubbia ETH, Zurich Towards a Long Baseline Neutrino and Nucleon Decay Experiment with a next-generation 100 kton Liquid Argon TPC detector at Okinoshima and an intensity upgraded J-PARC Neutrino beam Test experiment K1.1BR data taking
P35 T. Kajita ICRR, Tokyo A test experiment to measure sub-GeV flux in the on-axis direction at the J-PARC neutrino beam to be decided by E11 Lab neutrino  
T37 K. Inami Nagoya U Test of TOP counter for B-factory upgrade Test experiment K1.1BR withdrawn
T38 H. Nanjo Kyoto U Proposal for Measuring Hadron Response at K1.1BR for KOTO Experiment Test experiment K1.1BR completed
P39 K. Sakashita KEK A study of water Cherenkov detector for counting the number of neutrino at Near detector hall of J-PARC neutrino beam-line to be decided by E11 Lab neutrino  
T43 K. Aoki RIKEN Test of Hadron Blind Detector and GEM Tracker for the J-PARC E16 Experiment Test Experiment K1.1BR  
T44 T. Koike Tohoku University Study of in-beam performance of Hyperball-J Ge detector units with the current beam structures at the K1.1BR beam line Test Experiment K1.1BR