Last update: 6th Sep, 2014


Data management
PS-01 DAWN - an Eclips-based workbench for scientific data analysis
- Bahá El Kassaby, Diamond Light Source
PS-02 PReMo, experimental data management system for macromolecular crystallography beamlines at the Photon Factory
- Yusuke Yamada, KEK-PF, IMSS
Data integration
PS-03 Data Management and Access for Neutron Scattering Experiments in J-PARC/MLF
- Kentaro Moriyama, JAEA, J-PARC
PS-04 Streaming data from detector to publication
- Stuart Campbell, Oak Ridge National Lab.
Best practice
PS-05 Migrating to an EPICS-based Instrument Control System at the ISIS Pulsed Neutron and Muon Source
- Matt Clarke, ISIS Facility, STFC
PS-06 The SICS collaboration
- Nick Hauser, ANSTO
PS-07 Control System and Integrated Engineering at ELI-ALPS
- Sándor Brockhauser, ELI-HU
PS-08 IROHA upgrade
- Takeshi Nakatani, JAEA, J-PARC
PS-09 Overview of STARS and its applications and developments
- Takashi Kosuge, KEK
PS-10 Development of the beamline control software based on STARS for KEK-PF SAXS beamlines
- Yasuko Nagatani, KEK-PF, IMSS
PS-11 Implementation of SIKA instrument control system
- Jen-Chih Peng, NSRRC Taiwan
PS-12 The computing environment for the Energy-Resolved Neutron Imaging System
- Takeshi Nakatani, JAEA, J-PARC
PS-13 The DAQ system of a new diffractometer for biomacromolecules with large unit cell in J-PARC/MLF
- Katsuaki Tomoyori, JAEA, QuBS
PS-14 Stroboscopic neutron diffraction measurements during fatigue tests using an event recording system
- Takayoshi Ito, CROSS-Tokai
PS-15 Data Acquisition and timing system at ELI-Beamlines
- A. Vázquez-Otero, Institute of Physics, Academy of Science of the Czech Rep.
PS-16 DAWN Science applications at Diamond Light Source
- Peter Chang, Diamond Light Source Ltd.
PS-17 "Manyo-Library" Object-Oriented Data Analysis Framework for Neutron Scattering
- Jiro Suzuki, KEK, J-PARC Center
Web/mobile technology
PS-18 Web Monitor and prototype Analysis at the SNS
- M. Doucet, Oak Ridge National Lab.
PS-19 Development of remote data reduction system in J-PARC MLF
- Nobuo Okazaki, CROSS-Tokai
Visualization / Data analysis
PS-20 OpenGDA for BioSAXS
- Michael Kleyn, Diamond Light Source
PS-21 Monte carlo Simulation of the Resolution Ellipsoid for the SEQUOIA Spectrometer
- G. E. Granroth, Oak Ridge National Lab.
PS-22 Computing environment for BL02 DNA near back scattering spectrometer
- Takeshi Yamada, CROSS-Tokai
PS-23 Current status of TOF neutron diffraction data processing software for iBIX
- Naomine Yano, Frontier Research Center for Applied Atomic Science, Ibaraki Univ.
PS-24 Current Status of the Software for Polarized Neutron Reflectometer "SHARAKU" of J-PARC/MLF
- Noboru Miyata, CROSS-Tokai
PS-25 Visualization and data processing software for SENJU - time-of-flight single crystal neutron diffractometer at J-PARC
- Takayasu Hanashima, CROSS-Tokai
Post Deadline Posters
PS-26 Controlling System of Engineering Materials Diffractometer TAKUMI
- Takuro Kawasaki, JAEA, J-PARC
PS-27 Data acquisition monitoring system with Manyo Library at MLF, J-PARC
- Yasuhiro Inamura, JAEA, J-PARC
PS-28 Development status of software 'Utsusemi' at MLF, J-PARC
- Yasuhiro Inamura, JAEA, J-PARC
PS-29 Qt EPICS Development Framework
- Paul Martin, Australian Synchrotron

Information for Presenters

  • Authors can mount their posters from the opening the meeting and must remove them by 13:00 on Sep 26.
  • Please display posters during the meeting.
  • Poster size: W 900mm x H 1200mm
  • Poster session is scheduled on 15:30-17:00, 24th Sep.

Poster Awards

Poster prize will be awarded by a vote from the international advisory committee members at the conference's poster session. Prize would be bestowed in the banquet.