Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility

Technical Details

This page provides information on the pulse shape, luminosity and flux of neutrons and photons for the 23 neutron beam lines of the 1-MW pulsed-spallation neutron source in the MLF.

The data is summarized in an Excel spreadsheet. The Excel files are available for download, in the original format or in compressed format (lzh or zip).

Neutron performance of the neutron source at the 1-MW operation
Type of Moderator Number of Beam Ports Time-integrated Thermal Neutron Flux Peak Neutron Flux at 10 meV Pulse Width in FWHM at 10 meV
- [n/s・cm2] # [n/eV・s・cm2] # [µs]
Coupled Moderator 11 4.6 x 108 6.0 x 1012 92
Decoupled Moderator 6 0.95 x 108 3.0 x 1012 33
Poisoned Moderator
(Thicker Side)
3 0.65 x 108 2.4 x 1012 22
Poisoned Moderator
(Thinner Side)
3 0.38 x 108 1.4 x 1012 14

# Values at 10 m from the moderators

Pulse characteristics estimation for 23 neutron beam lines at JSNS (pdf)
(for neutron instrument design)

Calculation of high energy neutron spectra for 23 neutron beam lines at JSNS (pdf)
(for shielding design of a neutron beam line)

Photon spectra estimation for 23 neutron beam lines at JSNS (pdf)
(for background estimation in photon detectors used in a neutron instrument room)