NP08: Scientific Program

The workshop comprises invited talks in the plenary sessions and contributed papers in parallel sessions. The morning session will start at 09:00AM.
On the first day, in the afternoon, a joint session to discuss all the scientific topics in J-PARC including Material and Life Science Facility will be held with prominent invited speakers, as "The 1st International Symposium on Science at J-PARC". On the last day, we have several reports from the working groups and have a special session for discussion. The workshop will close at around 16:00.

Parallel Sessions by Working Groups:

  1. Strangeness Nuclear Physics Experiments [updated on Mar.03]

  2. Nuclear/Hadron Physics Experiments [updated on Mar.03]

  3. Kaon Rare Decay Experiments [updated on Mar.01]

  4. Muon Decay Experiments [updated on Feb.28]

  5. Neutron Experiments [updated on Mar.03]

  6. Neutrino Experiments and Proton Decay Experiments [updated on Feb.28]

Plenary Sessions:

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