The 4th International Workshop on Nuclear and Particle Physics at J-PARC (NP08)

March 05(Wed) - 07(Fri), 2008
Mito, Ibaraki, Japan

Final Circular

This is the final circular for the International Workshop on Nuclear and Particle Physics at J-PARC (NP08).


Please visit the Web sites:
to get information.

Mito Plaza Hotel is 15-minute ride by taxi (around 2,000 Yen) from the Mito station. A shuttle-bus service (free of charge) is available between the station and the hotel. The bus stops for the shuttle buses are at No. 1, 6, 7, or 8 at the South exit of Mito station bus terminal. For the NP08 participants, in addition to the regular service, a special shuttle-bus service will be available.

Scientific Program

Updated scientific programs for the plenary and parallel sessions will be announced through the Web page:


For plenary sessions we will prepare a Windows PC and an LCD projector. The speakers are kindly requested to provide us with a Power Point or PDF file of the slides in a USB memory before the session starts.

An LCD projector is available in all the meeting rooms for parallel sessions; please prepare your own lap-top computer, and check by yourself or ask the organizers before your talk to see whether the projector works well. We will collect your presentation files in our USB memory, and make them available through our web site after the workshop.

Network Access

Wireless LAN access points will be available to the NP08 participants for the lap-top connection during the hours of the workshop. The WEP key for the access will be announced at the site.


The participants who have registered online in advance may pick up the name tag, in which the receipt for the registration fee will be found, and the conference bag by themselves. Those who are going to do on-site registration and/or on-site payment should come to the registration desk, which will be opened during the workshop, and pay the registration fee (10,000. Japanese Yen) by CASH. On the first day, March 05 (Wed), the desk opens at 08:00AM.

The name tag should be returned after the workshop.

The travel agent: JTB Kanto Corp. (JTB) will be stationed during the workshop and help arrangements, in particular for the return from Mito to the airports.

Banquet and Lunch Box

Banquet is held in the evening on March 05(Wed). All the participants and accompanying persons are invited.

A lunch box is prepared every day to the participants who have registered online. Eating is strictly prohibited in public spaces of the hotel; please have your meals at the meeting rooms or at a room asigned for lunch.

Tour to J-PARC site

A tour to the J-PARC site is held in the morning of March 08(Sat). No lunch will be served.

A list of participants in the tour (who have applied for it at the registration online) will soon be distributed. If you would attend the tour from now (or your name is not on the list because you have not submitted the visit proposal to us), please contact us at np2008 AT immediately.

The bus for the tour leaves Mito Plaza Hotel at 08:15AM and leaves the South exit of Mito station bus terminal at 08:30. After the tour (09:30--12:00 at the J-PARC site), the buses will take you to the Tokai station and the Mito station. You can get off the bus at either places and catch up the bus service at the Tokai station, which is scheduled to arrive at the Tokyo-Narita International Airport at around 15:40.

Currency Exchange

We recommend you to exchange your money into Japanese Yens at a Currency Exchange counter at the Airport on your arrival. The information is available from


The weather information on Mito is available, for example, from


All the correspondence concerning the workshop should be addressed to the workshop secretariat.

See you soon at NP08 !

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