J-PARC Project Newsletter                           
                                        Special Issue, Mar 15, 2011
Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex under operation jointly
by the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) and
the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA)


March 15, 2011
Status Report
Shoji Nagamiya, Director of J-PARC Center

You might be worrying effects caused by a big earthquake on March 11
in Japan.  First of all, the best news to J-PARC is that no single
persons were injured or dead. Next door of a coal electric generator,
four persons passed away. In addition, no significant radiation
problems occurred in that incident. Furthermore, on March 13, all
non-Japanese users were able to escape from Tokai to Tsukuba or to
the Airport, thanks to our staff members at J-PARC.
In the afternoon of March 11, when this big earthquake occurred,
I was in Tsukuba.  Although the shake in Tsukuba was already big,
the damage at Tokai was much bigger. Next day, I drove to Tokai
to see J-PARC.

The J-PARC is located on the seaside where a big Tsunami came. At the
northside of J-PARC, a big parking lot exists and, there, over 200 cars
were parking.  They were brand new cars fabricated by Nissan and waiting
for export.  All the car were completely smashed immediately after the
big Tunami came.

However, at least, there were no Thunami effects on J-PARC. The surrounding
roads are severely damaged, whereas J-PARC buildings have no significant
damages, since all the buildings were constructed with many many long
iron underpins. Also, since we protected to the Tsunami of about 10 meters,
no Tusnami attacked the J-PARC.  Of course, inside is not clear. We heard
that there are no indications that the magnets fell down, but detailed
inspection must be needed to see the effects.

All roads from KEK to Tokai are damaged, in particular, freeway. Trains
are not running. It took a few days to recover electricity. Walter is
not available in Tokai as of March 15. We are facing shortage of foods,
gasoline, etc.

Unfortunately, therefore, J-PARC will be closed for a while, until
further notice. From the next week a serious work will start to recover
the J-PARC, immediately after seeing the recovery of electricity and water.

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