J-PARC Project Newsletter -Special Issue-
                                        5 March 2010

Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex under operation jointly 
by the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) and
the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA)



The T2K collaboration has detected the first neutrino event 
at Super-Kamiokande at 6:00 on Feb.24 2010. The neutrino beam is 
produced by the J-PARC facility at Tokai and travels all the way 
under Japan to Super-Kamiokande, which is located 295km away from 

The T2K (Tokai-to-Kamioka) experiment aims to study neutrino 
oscillations with unprecedented precision and to unveil the 
unknown nature of the neutrino with the high intensity neutrinos 
from J-PARC and the world's largest detector, Super-Kamiokande.

The T2K collaboration successfully produced a neutrino beam at 
J-PARC in Apr. 2009 and has continued beam tuning. They detected 
neutrinos at the T2K near-detector, located at J-PARC, in Nov. 
2009, and on Feb.24, 2010 detected the first neutrino interaction 
at Super-Kamiokande.  Those achievement thus verified successful 
beam production and detector operation.

The first T2K neutrino event observed at Super-Kamiokande is 
a major milestone for the T2K experiment. Beam intensity will 
continue to be increased and the T2K collaboration will 
accumulate many more neutrino events at Super-Kamiokande that 
will be used to search for a new type of neutrino oscillation 
with the world's best sensitivity.

The T2K collaboration consists of about 500 physicists from 62 
institutes in 12 countries (Japan, South Korea, Canada, the 
United States, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, 
Switzerland, Germany, Poland, and Russia).
The complete list of institutions can be found at:

J-PARC Center Particle and Nuclear Physics Division

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