4th International Workshop on Nuclear 
     and Particle Physics at J-PARC (NP08)

          March 05(Wed) - 07(Fri), 2008
          Mito, Ibaraki, Japan


------------------------  Second Circular -----------------------


This is the second announcement of the International Workshop 
on Nuclear and Particle Physics at J-PARC (NP08).

This is the 4th workshop in a series,  after  NP01 (2001, Tsukuba),  
NP02 (2002, Kyoto) and NP04 (2004,Tokai/Tsukuba ). This year,  
we would like to start the discussion for the future experiments
and explore a long-term physics program after the completion 
of the "phase-1" construction. 
In the afternoon of Wednesday, March 5th, a joint session to discuss 
all the scientific topics in J-PARC including Material and 
Life Science Facility will be held with prominent invited speakers. 

The latest information on the workshop will be available from
the NP08 Web page, http://www.j-parc.jp/NP08/ .

======== IMPORTANT DATE AND METHODS ===========================

 Contributed talks:        February 15(Fri) by Email to conveners
 J-PARC tour application:  February 22(Fri) by Web(+)
 Registration:             23:59(JST) of February 22(Fri) by Web(+)
 Hotel reservation:        17:00(JST) of February 28(Thu) by Web(+)


 (+) JTB Kanto Corp.(JTB) will handle registration and hotel
     of the Workshop through the Web site: 

          https://entry.jtb.ne.jp/me/registrye/registrye.asp?id=0989 .

     You will find four steps in the site to complete your application: 

       Step1: Explanation of the procedure.
       Step2: Fill your information and Get the ID-number.
       Step3: Login your Personal Page and make Registration, 
              J-PARC tour application(optional) 
              and Hotel Reservation (if you need).
       Step4: Payment of registration fee and hotel expenses.

     Please try them after you read this circular. 

* Workshop site

All sessions including plenary sessions and parallel working group 
sessions are held at "Mito Plaza Hotel" in Mito City, 
which is the largest city in Ibaraki Prefecture and is 
adjacent to Tokai village, where J-PARC is being constructed.

The Web page of the hotel, http://www.mito-plaza.jp/index.html ,
is in Japanese; 
brief information in English is available form 
=J92 .

* Registration

Participants of the workshop should register online at
the JTB Web site.
The registration free is ___10,000___ Japanese Yen, which includes
drinks, lunch boxes and refreshments during the workshop.
This fee should be paid by a major credit card at the time of
The registration deadline is 
23:59(JST) of February 22(Fri).
To assist the smooth running of the Workshop and avoid long delays 
at the on-site registration desk, 
participants are strongly advised to register for the Workshop in
The on-site registration free is also 10,000 Yen
but does not include the lunch boxes. 

If you cannot use online registration in some reason,
please make inquiries to JTB. 

 - Cancellation on or after February 23, 2008:
     Your registration fee will be refunded after deducting 
     the cancellation fees of 2,000. Yen. 
     Please revise and/or cancel your registration by 
     logging-in to your Personal Page of the JTB site. 

* Contributed Talks

Please contact the convener of the working group
by Email with the following information.
The deadline is February 15(Fri).
The working groups and their conveners are listed at
the "Tentative programs and working groups" section.

    1. Name ( First/Middle/Family )
    2. Title ( Prof./Dr./Mr./Ms. )
    3. Affiliation
    4. Email address
    5. Fax
    6. Title of talk
    7. Abstract
    8. Working group  

* Accommodation

Participants should reserve a hotel room by themselves
at the JTB Web site.
A sufficient number of rooms 
at hotels in Mito City have been blocked
for the Workshop participants 
from the night of March 4 (Tue) till the morning of March 8 (Sat)
at special discount rates.
The deadline is 
17:00(JST) of February 28(Thu).
Hotel assignment will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.

Most of the hotels are located near the Mito Station on the JR Joban
The hotel list and map are available from: 
  https://entry.jtb.ne.jp/me/data/common/0989/map0989E.gif .
(Rooms in the night of March 7(Fri) will soon be available.)

 - Cancellation/Revision policy of the Hotel reservation
   is explained in the "Hotel Reservation Procedure" page 
   of the JTB site. 

* Transportation Information

Mito Plaza Hotel is 15-minute ride by taxi (around 2,000 Yen) 
from the Mito station.
A shuttle-bus service (free of charge) will be available 
between the station and the hotel during the Workshop. 
The guide to the transportation will be
available online from the NP08 Web site.


All foreign participants must carry a valid passport, 
and in some cases a visa also.
You can find out whether you need a visa or not from
Web page of Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
  http://www.mofa.go.jp/j_info/visit/visa/index.html .

If you are not sure please check with the Japanese Consulate, 
Embassy or a travel agent.
If you need a help for your visa, please contact
the convener of the working group you are going to attend
as soon as possible. 

* Tentative Program and Working Groups

The workshop comprises invited talks in the plenary sessions and
contributed papers in parallel sessions. 
The morning session will start at 09:00AM.

On the first day, in the afternoon, 
a joint session to discuss 
all the scientific topics in J-PARC including Material and 
Life Science Facility will be held with prominent invited speakers. 
On the last day, we have several reports from the working 
groups and have a special session for discussion.
The workshop will close at around 16:00.

 March 05 (Wed):
    * ----- Registration 
    * AM -- Plenary session: Project overview, Accelerator, Beamlines,
            kickoff of parallel sessions
    * PM -- Joint Plenary session: Science in J-PARC
    * Evening -- Banquet

 March 06 (Thu):
    * AM -- Parallel sessions (1) by working groups
    * PM -- Parallel sessions (2) by working groups

 March 07 (Fri):
    * AM -- Plenary session: Physics in J-PARC, 
               Summaries from working groups
    * PM -- Plenary session: Summaries from working groups, 

Subjects to be discussed in working groups are:
1. Strangeness Nuclear Physics Experiments
     (convener: T. Nagae(Kyoto)  nagae(AT)scphys.kyoto-u.ac.jp)
2. Nuclear/Hadron Physics Experiments
     (convener: S. Sawada(KEK)  shinya.sawada(AT)kek.jp)
3. Kaon Rare Decay Experiments
     (convener: T. Komatsubara(KEK)  takeshi.komatsubara(AT)kek.jp)
4. Muon Decay Experiments
     (convener: Y. Kuno(KEK)  kuno(AT)phys.sci.osaka-u.ac.jp)
5. Neutron Experiments
     (convener: H.M. Shimizu(KEK)  hirohiko.shimizu(AT)kek.jp)
6. Neutrino Experiments and Proton Decay Experiments
     (convener: T. Hasegawa(KEK)  takuya.hasegawa(AT)kek.jp)

Invited plenary speakers to the NP08 plenary session 
(titles to be confirmed):
 - Hitoshi Murayama - Prospects for Particle Physics
 - Young-Kee Kim - Project X at Fermilab
 - Hans Gutbrod - FAIR at GSI
 - Philip Pile - from AGS to J-PARC

Invited plenary speakers to the joint session
(titles to be confirmed):
 - Dieter Richter - Soft Matter and Life Science with Neutrons and Muons
 - Yoshinori Tokura - Material Science with Neutrons and Muons
 - Yoji Totsuka - Neutrino and Elementary Particles 
 - Robert L. Jaffe - Science of Quarks and Hadrons

* Banquet and Lunch Box

Banquet is held in the evening on March 05(Wed).

In order to perform the workshop efficiently, a lunch box
is prepared every day by the organizers. 

* Tour to J-PARC site

A tour to the J-PARC site, where the facilities are now being
constructed, is being planned after the workshop,
in the morning of March 08(Sat). 
If you are going to attend the tour,
please apply for it  at the registration. 

After the tour, 
we will break up at the Tokai or Mito Station in the noon 
so that the participants from abroad catch up 
the bus service which is scheduled to arrive at  
the Tokyo-Narita International Airport
at around 15:40.

At present, in order to enter the JAEA/J-PARC area, 
personal information such as age, sex, and nationality
is being required; 
we apologize for collecting the personal information at
the registration. 

In particular, 
the participants from abroad to attened the tour 
are kindly asked to register online and apply for the tour
by February 22(Fri);
JTB, our agent, will send you the application form
to fill the information, which should be returned 

* Correspondence

All the correspondence concerning the workshop should be addressed 
to the workshop secretariat: np2008@kek.jp .

 << NP08 Organization >>

Host Institutions:
  - Science Council of Japan
  - The physical Society of Japan
  - J-PARC Center

  - The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
  - Ibaraki Prefecture

Local Organizing Committee:
  T. Hasegawa (KEK)       J. Imazato (KEK)      S. Komamiya (Tokyo)
  T. Komatsubara (KEK)    T. Koseki (KEK)       S. Kumano (KEK)
  Y. Kuno (Osaka)         S. Mihara (KEK)       T. Nagae (KEK)
  S. Nagamiya (KEK/JAEA; J-PARC Center)
  T. Nakano (Osaka RCNP)  T. Nakaya (Kyoto)     K. Nishikawa (KEK;
  H. Noumi (Osaka RCNP)   Y. Okada (KEK)        N. Saito (KEK; co-chair)
  S. Sawada (KEK)         H. Tamura (Tohoku)    K.H. Tanaka (KEK)
  K. Tokushuku (KEK)      T. Yamanaka (Osaka)

Local Executive Committee:
  T. Hasegawa (KEK)       T. Komatsubara (KEK)  Y. Kuno (Osaka)
  G.Y. Lim (KEK)          T. Nagae (Kyoto)      M. Naruki (KEK)
  S. Sawada (KEK)         H.M. Shimizu (KEK)    T. Takahashi (KEK)
  K.H. Tanaka (KEK; chair)