The 4th International Workshop
on Nuclear and Particle Physics at J-PARC

March 5th (Wed) - 7th (Fri), 2008
Mito, Ibaraki, Japan

First Announcement

This is the first announcement of the 4th International
Workshop on Nuclear and Particle Physics at J-PARC (NP08).
The workshop will be held at Mito Plaza Hotel
( in Mito city(*) from
March 5 through 7th. In the afternoon of Wednesday, 5th,
a joint session to discuss all the scientific topics in
J-PARC including Material and Life Science Facility will
be held with prominent invited speakers.

The construction of the J-PARC is scheduled to be completed in
the next Japanese fiscal year, 2008. Several experiments
are already approved and the "day-1" experiments are being prepared.
Proposals for Nuclear and Particle Physics Experiments at J-PARC
are listed at
and a summary of their approval status is found at

Since the time of the initial facility design, many new proposals
and initiatives have been developed. While the day-1 experiments
are yet to be started, it is about the time to start the discussion
for the future experiments. In this meeting, we would like
to explore a long-term physics program after the completion
of the "phase-1" construction.

The meeting will start with opening plenary session in the
morning of the first day, and the afternoon will be devoted to
the J-PARC wide session "Sciences at J-PARC" followed by the
reception party in the evening. The second day will be devoted to
six parallel sessions. In the last day, we will resume the plenary
session to hear report from all parallel sessions as well as
the prospects for the new proton facilities at Fermilab and GSI.

We would like to invite many people who are interested in the
nuclear and particle physics to be explored at J-PARC to attend
the workshop and join the discussion. If you
are interested in contributing to the workshop, please contact
one of six conveners, or to the co-chair of the workshop. Details
of the workshop is still being developed and the website is
being prepared at .

Subjects to be discussed:

1. Strangeness Nuclear Physics Experiments
(convener: T. Nagae nagae(AT)
2. Nuclear/Hadron Physics Experiments
(convener: S. Sawada shinya.sawada(AT)
3. Kaon Rare Decay Experiments
(convener: T. Komatsubara takeshi.komatsubara(AT)
4. Muon Decay Experiments
(convener: S. Mihara * mihara(AT), TBC)
5. Neutron Experiments
(convener: H.M. Shimizu hirohiko.shimizu(AT)
6. Neutrino Experiments and Proton Decay Experiments
(convener: T. Hasegawa takuya.hasegawa(AT)

Invited plenary speakers:
- Hitoshi Murayama - Prospects for Particle Physics
- Robert L. Jaffe - Prospects for Hadron Physics
- Young-Kee Kim - Project X at Fermilab

Local Organizing Committee:

S. Nagamiya (KEK/JAEA; J-PARC-Center)
K. Nishikawa (KEK; co-chair)
N. Saito (KEK; co-chair naohito.saito(AT) )
T. Nagae (Kyoto)
H. Tamura (Tohoku)
T. Nakano (Osaka RCNP)
H. Noumi (Osaka RCNP)
K.H. Tanaka (KEK)
S. Sawada (KEK)
S. Komamiya (Tokyo)
T. Hasegawa (KEK)
T. Nakaya (Kyoto)
T. Yamanaka (Osaka)
S. Mihara (Tokyo ICEPP)
Y. Kuno (Osaka)
T. Komatsubara (KEK)
J. Imazato (KEK)
K. Tokushuku (KEK)
T. Koseki (KEK)
S. Kumano (KEK)
Y. Okada (KEK)