[news-l-41] J-PARC: Call for Proposals

From: Shin'ya Sawada (shinya.sawada@kek.jp)
Date: Tue Dec 06 2005 - 14:07:44 JST

Dear Friend:

Since 2001 a new accelerator called the J-PARC has been under construction.
Although the budget is always tight for this big project, it is expected
that the first beam from J-PARC is expected in 2008, if the funding moves
smoothly. On this occasion, therefore, we would like to call for proposals
on nuclear and particle physics experiments at 50 GeV. (Please see the
details in the attached document.)

In the future, the call will be made periodically. The frequency and the
next call will be decided after forming the PAC.

We warmly invite you to consider possible experiments at the forthcoming
facility in Japan.

Sincerely yours,
Shoji Nagamiya Makoto Kobayashi
Director Director
J-PARC Project Institute of Particle and
Nuclear Studies


Date: November 1, 2005

From: Shoji Nagamiya (J-PARC Project Director) and

                  Makoto Kobayashi (Director, Institute of Particle and
Nuclear Studies, KEK)

Subject: Call for Proposals on Nuclear and Particle Physics Experiments
at the J-PARC 50 GeV

                  Proton Synchrotron



The construction of the Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex (J-PARC)
facility has been underway since 2001. According to the current construction
schedule, it is expected that, if the proposed budget is funded smoothly,
the first beam from this facility will be available in 2008. Three years
ago we collected letters of intent (LoI) for possible experiments. The
structure of the Hadron Experimental Hall and the design of the secondary
beam-line layout (attached figure) were determined based on the evaluation
of these LoI by the Nuclear and Particle Physics Facility Committee (NPFC).
In addition to the fast extraction neutrino line, the K1.8 line in the
Hadron Hall will be constructed with high priority following the
recommendations for the Day-1 candidate experiments by the NPFC.

Because of the necessity to finalize the beam-line installation policy and
the time required for the preparation of the experimental equipment, we
would now like to call for full proposals. These proposals will be
evaluated by the Program Advisory Committee, which will be created in the
near future. Physics proposals from all over the world are very welcome at

Although proposals will be accepted at any time in the future, Day-1
experiments as well as some selected experiments to be mounted in the early
years of Phase 1 will be considered for submission by the deadline of April
28, 2006.


Scope of the Project

1) The J-PARC accelerator complex consists of a linac (200 MeV in 2008 and
400 MeV at a later stage) followed by a 3 GeV PS and a 50 GeV PS.

2) Since the Phase-1 budget does not include a power storage device for the
50 GeV PS, the beam energies in the initial operational phase will be 40 GeV
for fast extraction and 30 GeV for slow extraction.

3) At the slow-extracted beam area called the Hadron Hall, the Phase-1
budget allows only a limited number of beam-lines and experiments as shown
in the attached figure. A fast-extracted beam line is also being prepared
for neutrino experiments.

4) After the completion of the Phase-1 project, our plan is to expand
the Hadron Hall as a Phase-2 project. Also, an exit for a third extracted
beamline has already been prepared for future experiments that require an
additional fast-extracted beam.





Necessary Information to be included in the Proposal

The following items must be included in the document--

1) Name of the proposal, collaborating institutions and names of
experimentalists, spokesperson(s) and/or contact person.

2) Scientific goal(s) and scientific merits, experimental
method(s), urgency, expected manpower, etc.

3) If the proposal is for a spectrometer installation, a list of
anticipated experimental programs that will be reviewed later must be

4) Desired time schedule and detector cost estimate.

5) Contributions from the collaboration, including the usage of
existing detectors and/or other equipment/devices.

6) Specific requests, if any, to the J-PARC facility.

7) Other useful information, such as commitments to other
experiments, etc.


Other Information

1) Deadline: April 28, 2006.

2) Proposals should be mailed to:

Professor S. Nagamiya

Director, J-PARC Project Office, KEK

1-1 Oho Tsukuba-shi, 305-0801, Japan

(or inform shoji.nagamiya@kek.jp of the location of file)

3) Consultation on details:

Professor J. Imazato

Group leader, Nuclear & Particle Physics Group of J-PARC, KEK,

1-1 Oho, Tsukuba-shi, 305-0801, Japan

E-mail: jun.imazato@kek.jp

Fax: +81 298 64 7831

4) Process after receiving proposals:

. The Program Advisory Committee (PAC) will review individual
proposals in the late spring of 2006. Oral presentations of all proposals
will be requested at the PAC meeting.

. The PAC recommendations will be made available by the middle
of 2006.

. At the moment, PAC approval does not necessarily imply any
immediate financial support for the experiment, since the J-PARC operational
structure has not yet been established.

5) Personal information:

Please note that personal information in the proposal will be used only for
the purpose of evaluation of the proposed experiment. Names of
spokespersons, their affiliation and the titles of the approved experiments
will appear in the KEK web pages and publications.



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