[news-l-32] NP04 Reminder

From: Shin'ya SAWADA (shinya.sawada@kek.jp)
Date: Tue Jun 29 2004 - 11:43:08 JST

Dear Colleagues,

June 30 is the deadline of registration of the NP04 workshop which will be held
from Aug.2 to Aug.4 at Tokai, Japan.
In the workshop, we will discuss the experimental proposals at J-PARC 50GeV-PS.
You can register online at http://www-conf.kek.jp/NP04/regist/
You can find the details of the workshop at

Please do not forget to push the "Send" buttom at the last
stage of the registration.

### Hotel ###
Though the deadline for the hotel request to the organizers has
passed, they still keep a limited number of rooms for NP04. Those who
would like to reserve a room through them, please sen the request form
below to toshiyuki.takahashi@kek.jp by July 2.

---- Cut Here ----
 Hotel Request Form: send to toshiyuki.takahashi@kek.jp by July 2

Hotel (your preference with x): ( ) Sannomaru Hotel
                                ( ) Mito Keisei Hotel

  Please understand that you might be arranged for the other
  hotel than the one you requested because the number of the
  rooms is limited.

 First/Middle Name:
 Family Name:

 Street Address:
 Zip code:

 Telephone Number/Fax number:
 Email address:

 The number of persons:

 Arrival date:
 Departure date:

---- Cut Here ----

### Talk ###
Those who are interested in giving a talk at the workshop,
please send an email to the corresponding contact person with
the title of the talk as soon as possible.

1. Strangenesss Nuclear Physics
     Contact person: T.Takahashi (KEK), toshiyuki.takahashi@kek.jp
2. Nuclear/Hadron Physics
     Contact person: S.Sawada (KEK), shinya.sawada@kek.jp
3. Kaon Rare Decay
     Contact person: T.Komatsubara (KEK), takashi.komatsubara@kek.jp
4. Muon Rare Decay
     Contact person: M.Aoki (Osaka), aokim@phys.sci.osaka-u.ac.jp

Sincerely yours,
                                NP04 Organizing Committee

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