[news-l-30] NP04 2nd circular

From: Shin'ya SAWADA (shinya.sawada@kek.jp)
Date: Tue Jun 08 2004 - 11:44:44 JST

  3rd International Workshop on Nuclear
     and Particle Physics at J-PARC (NP04)

          August 2 - 4, 2004
          Tokai, Ibaraki, Japan


          NP04 Neutrino Session
          August 24 - 26, 2004
          KEK, Ibaraki, Japan


------------------------ Second Circular -----------------------

This is the second announcement of the International Workshop
on Nuclear and Particle Physics at J-PARC (NP04).

This is the 3rd workshop in a series, after NP01 (2001, Tsukuba)
and NP02 (2002, Kyoto). This year, we would like to extend discussions
toward full proposals, which will be called for sometime this year.
A special session on neutrino experiments will be held as a part of NP04
from August 24 through 26, 2004, at KEK, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan

The latest information on the workshop will be available from
the NP04 Web page, http://www.j-parc.jp/NP4/ .

======== IMPORTANT DATE AND METHODS ==================================
 Registration: June 30 Web http://www-conf.kek.jp/NP04/regist/
 Contributed talks: June 30 Web or Email to contact persons
 Room reservation: June 24 Email to toshiyuki.takahashi@kek.jp
     (only for participants from abroad)

* Workshop site

All sessions including plenary sessions and parallel working group
sessions are to be held at "Techno Community Square RICOTTI" near
Tokai Station in the Tokai village, where J-PARC is being constructed.

The Web page of RICOTTI, http://www.ricotti.jp/ , is in Japanese;
information in English is available form the NP04 Web page.

* Registration

Participants of the workshop should register online at
  http://www-conf.kek.jp/NP04/regist/ .
The registration free is 2,000 Japanese Yen which covers
site tour to J-PARC and refreshments during the workshop.
This fee should be paid, in Japanese Yen, at the workshop site by cash.
Please note that credit cards, traveler's cheques and so on
can not be accepted. The registration deadline is June 30.
If you cannot use online registration in some reason,
please contact the workshop secretariat,
  Email: toshiyuki.takahashi@kek.jp

* Contributed Talks

Please contact the contact person of the working group, committee
members, or the workshop secretariat with the following information.
The working groups and their contact persons are listed at
"Tentative programs and working groups" section.

    1. Name ( First/Middle/Family )
    2. Title ( Prof./Dr./Mr./Ms. )
    3. Affiliation
    4. Email address
    5. Fax
    6. Title of talk
    7. Working group

* Accommodation

Participants from abroad:
A limited number of rooms at two hotels have been reserved
especially for participants from abroad from the night of August 1
till the morning of August 5. Hotels are located near the
MITO Station (see a map to be posted on the NP04 Web site).
The rates below include tax and 10% service charge.
      - Sannomaru Hotel
        Single room: 8010 Yen/person/night
        Twin room: 14130 Yen/room/night or
                      8550 Yen/person/night for single use
      - Mito Keisei Hotel
        Single room: 9000 Yen/person/night
        Wireless LAN is available at the hotel lobby.
        A part of rooms have DSL connections.
The organizing committee will arrange the rooms for participants
from abroad, who send us a request form below no later than June 24.
Confirmation will be sent you from each hotel after June 25.
After that, the request of a room and/or change of the dates
have to be directed to each hotel.

---- Cut Here ----
 Hotel Request Form: send to toshiyuki.takahashi@kek.jp by June 24

Hotel (your preference with x): ( ) Sannomaru Hotel
                                ( ) Mito Keisei Hotel

  Please understand that you might be arranged for the other
  hotel than the one you requested because the number of the
  rooms is limited.

 First/Middle Name:
 Family Name:

 Street Address:
 Zip code:

 Telephone Number/Fax number:
 Email address:

 The number of persons:

 Arrival date:
 Departure date:

---- Cut Here ----

Japanese Participants:
Please reserve a room for yourself. Through Internet, you can
find many business-type hotels near MITO Station and KATSUTA Station.
Please keep in mind that Sannomaru Hotel and Mito Keisei Hotel
are reserved primarily for participants from abroad.

* Transportation Information

The workshop is held at "Techno Community Square RICOTTI",
which is 3 minutes walk away from the East Exit of TOKAI Station
on the JR Joban line. The guide to the transportation is
available from the NP04 Web site.

Following is a guide from MITO Station to TOKAI Station.

--- JR Joban line, from MITO Station to the TOKAI station ---
It takes 20 minutes, by a local train on the JR Joban line
from MITO to TOKAI. TOKAI is the 3rd station from MITO
(MITO -> KATSUTA -> SAWA -> TOKAI). The one-way fare is 400 Yen.
The local train leaves MITO Station every 15-20 minutes;
please confirm the departure time of the trains that can reach TOKAI
by the start of the workshop (09:00).

Most of participants from abroad are supposed to land at and/or
depart from Narita (New-Tokyo) International Airport.
Following is a guide from Narita Airport to MITO/TOKAI Station.

--- From Narita Airport to MITO/TOKAI Station ---
A bus service ( Rose Liner, by Ibaraki Kotsu Co. ) from Narita Airport
bound for HITACHI Station stops at MITO Station and TOKAI Station.
The one-way fare is 3,000 Yen and it takes 100 - 140 minutes.
You can find the detailed information at
  http://www.ibako.jp/bus/hwbus/roseliner-e/roseliner-e.htm .

Some participants may attend SNP2004 workshop held at Osaka
from July 29 to 31. They can move from Osaka to Tokyo
by JR-Shinkansen Super Express or by a domestic flight to
Haneda (Tokyo) International Airport.
Following is a guide to MITO/TOKAI Station from Tokyo area.

--- JR Joban line, from Tokyo (UENO Station) to MITO/TOKAI Station ---
It takes 100 minutes from UENO Station in Tokyo to MITO/TOKAI
by an express train on the JR Joban line, which leaves UENO every
30-40 minutes. Please note that a limited number of Express trains
stop at TOKAI; if your train does not stop at TOKAI you have to
get off at MITO Station and change to a local train.

--- High-way express bus, from TOKYO Station to
                           MITO Station or TOKAI Station ---
"High-way express bus" services bound for the area of MITO/TOKAI
are available from the "Yaesu South Exit" of TOKYO Station.
To go to MITO Station, take the bus of MITO Line.
To go to TOKAI Station, take the bus of TOKAI-KATSUTA Line.
The one-way way fare is 2,080 Yen to MITO /2,240 Yen to TOKAI
and it takes 120 - 150 minutes.
You can find time tables at
TOKYO - MITO: http://www.jrbuskanto.co.jp/mn/cej0010373_1.html and
                http://www.jrbuskanto.co.jp/mn/cej0010374_1.html .
TOKYO - TOKAI: http://www.jrbuskanto.co.jp/mn/cej0010142_1.html .

--- from HANEDA Airport to MITO and TOKAI Stations ---
A bus service (Airport Limousine, Airport Transport Service Co.)
from HANEDA Airport bound for HITACHI Station stops at MITO Station
and TOKAI Station. The one-way way fare is 3,500 Yen to MITO /
3,700 Yen to TOKAI and it takes 150 - 200 minutes.
You can find the information at
  http://www.limousinebus.co.jp/e/timetable/index_h/hitachi_mito.html .


All foreign participants must carry a valid passport,
and in many cases a visa also.
You can find out whether you need a visa or not from
Web page of Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
  http://www.mofa.go.jp/j_info/visit/visa/index.html ,
or see below.

If you are not sure please check with the Japanese Consulate,
Embassy or a travel agent.
If you need a visa, please contact a workshop secretary
( toshiyuki.takahashi@kek.jp ) as soon as possible.

---- The list of countries from which you do not need VISA ----
                                                     May 2004
* Asia
  Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong (BNO, SAR passport),
  Brunei (14 days or less)

* North America
  Canada, U.S.A

* Latin America and Caribbean
  Mexico, Argentina, Bahamas, Chile, Costa Rika, Dominican Rep.,
  El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Suriname, Uruguay, Barbados

* Middle East
  Israel, Turkey

* Oceania
  Australia, New Zealand

* Africa
  Lesotho, Mauritius, Tunisia

* Europe
  Austria, Germany, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland,
  United Kingdom, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland,
  France, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta,
  Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Slovenia, Spain,
  Sweden, Andorra, Czech Rep., Estonia, Hungary, Latvia,
  Lithuania, Monaco, Poland, Slovakia


* Tentative Program and Working Groups

The workshop comprises invited talks in the plenary sessions and
contributed papers in parallel sessions. On the last day, we have
several reports from the working groups and have a special session
for discussion.

 August 1 (Sun):
    * 17:00-20:30 Registration at the workshop site
    * 18:00-20:30 Reception at the workshop site

 August 2 (Mon):
    * 08:15 -- Registration
    * 09:00 -- Plenary session: Project overview, Accelerator, Beamlines
    * 13:30 -- Plenary session: Physics topics

 August 3 (Tue):
    * 09:00 -- Parallel sessions (1) by working groups
    * 13:00 -- Parallel sessions (2) by working groups
    * 15:00 -- Tour to the J-PARC site
    * Evening -- Social Event

 August 4 (Wed):
    * 09:00 -- Parallel sessions (3) by working groups
    * 13:30 -- Plenary session: Summaries from working groups,
               User-community discussions

Following working groups are tentatively considered.
1. Strangenesss Nuclear Physics
     Contact person: T.Takahashi (KEK), toshiyuki.takahashi@kek.jp
2. Nuclear/Hadron Physics
     Contact person: S.Sawada (KEK), shinya.sawada@kek.jp
3. Kaon Rare Decay
     Contact person: T.Komatsubara (KEK), takashi.komatsubara@kek.jp
4. Muon Rare Decay
     Contact person: M.Aoki (Osaka), aokim@phys.sci.osaka-u.ac.jp
5. Neutrino Physics
   No working group session in NP04 Tokai site.
   Session will be held from Aug. 24 to 26 at KEK.
   Please contact T.Kobayashi (KEK) at takashi.kobayashi@kek.jp .

* Banquet and Lunch Box

Banquet is being planned in the evening on Aug. 3.
Extra fare is required for the banquet.
The detailed information will be announced in the final circular.
In order to perform the workshop efficiently, a lunch box
is prepared by organizer. All participants supposed to buy it every day.
If you have problems for a religion, health etc...,
don't hesitate to request us special foods.

* Tour to J-PARC site

Tour to the J-PARC site, where the facilities are now being
constructed, is being planned in the afternoon of August 3.
At present, personal information such as age, sex, and nationality
is being required to enter the JAERI/J-PARC area;
we apologize for collecting the personal information at
the registration.

* Correspondence

All the correspondence concerning the workshop should be addressed
to the workshop secretariat, Dr. Toshiyuki Takahashi:
Email : toshiyuki.takahashi@kek.jp

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