[news-l-20] First Circular of Symposia in Japan

From: Shin'ya SAWADA (shinya.sawada@kek.jp)
Date: Thu Apr 03 2003 - 14:38:27 JST


Dear Neutron Scientists in the world,

It is our great pleasure to announce a series of International
Symposia related to Neutron Scattering, to be held in October 2003.


First Circular of

International Symposium on Pulsed Neutron Science and Instruments
     Oct 27 - 30, 2003 in Tsukuba, Japan

UK-Japan Neutron Science Workshop
     Oct 31 - Nov 1, 2003 in Izura SPA (Pacific seaside), Japan
     (participant will be limited to 60)

Neutron Detector Workshop
     Oct 31 - Nov 1, 2003 in Tsukuba, Japan


Scope of the Symposia

This is a series of international symposia to discuss science and
instruments using pulsed neutrons. Pulsed neutron user facilities
(KENS, IPNS, LANSCE, ISIS) have been operated since the 1980s and
pulsed neutron scattering technique have become an indispensable tool
for studying solid state physics, materials science, bio-physics,
polymer science and even earth science. Two 1MW class facility, SNS
and C, are now under construction; the second target station at
ISIS is expected to be approved very soon and the ESS project is under

The UK-Japan collaboration is a very successful collaboration and has
led to the development of innovative instruments, i.e. MARI and MAPS.
These instruments have produced outstanding scientific results, not
only by UK and Japanese researchers, but also by scientists world wide,
and have influenced the instrument development for the future projects,
i.e. JSNS, SNS and ESS.

Therefore, it is appropriate to review the current achievements of
this collaboration and, with a view on the future projects, identify
future opportunities for co-operation on a scientific and technical

Detector development is the key to achieve the required instrument
performance by fully utilizing the power of 1MW-class source. There
is a great number of R&D activities world wide and the workshop aims
to bring together the specialists. Therefore, following the previous
"International Workshop on Position-Sensitive Neutron Detectors", which
was held at HMI in June 2001, we would like to host the "International
Workshop on Neutron Detector" on this occasion.

We expect that there will be significant overlapping interests in
these three meetings and by combining them they will attract a large
number of experts in the field.

Meeting site:

The Symposium IPN2003 will be held in KEK (High Energy Accelerator
Research Organization) in Tsukuba, about 80km north from Tokyo. On
the fourth day of IPN2003, the participants will move to JAERI
(Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute) in Tokai (one hour drive),
where J-PARC is under construction. We will have a tour of J-PARC
and there will be instrument workshops.

In the late afternoon, participants who will attend UKJ2003 will
transfer to Izura SPA (one hour drive). Participants who will
attend ND2003 will return to KEK.

If you are interested in those meetings please register below and
we will keep your name on the list for further information.

--- Please send the following answer to <msakai@mslnk0.kek.jp> ---

I am interested in 1)(IPN2003), 2)(UKJ2003), 3)(ND2003).
(Please leave interested meeting and delete uninterested meeting)

First name:
Last name:

I plan to present a paper (Yes, No). (select one of them)
if Yes, tentative Title:

The 2nd Circular will be sent by the individual meeting organizers
in June.

Symposia Co-ordinator: Masa Arai
Secretary: M.Sakai <msakai@mslnk0.kek.jp>

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