[news-l-10] Int'l WS on Nucl./Part. Physics at 50GeV PS (second circular)

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Date: Thu Nov 01 2001 - 20:01:38 JST

Second Circular
the International Workshop
Nuclear and Particle Physics
  at 50-GeV PS

Date: Dec. 10 - 12, 2001
Place: Seminar Hall in "san-gou-kan (Building No.3), KEK,
       Tsukuba, Japan
Home Page: http://www-jhf.kek.jp/NP01/
This is the second circular of the International Workshop on Nuclear and
 Particle Physics at 50-GeV PS. Some important information of the Workshop
is included. Those who are going to attend the Workshop should send the
Registration Form attached to the circular by November 20, 2001. (People
who have already sent a pre-registration form are also requested to
send it.)
After this circular, latest information will be distributed through
e-mail and/or be available from our Web page, http://www-jhf.kek.jp/NP01/ .

All the participants should make the reservation by themselves through
the form available from our Web page, http://www-jhf.kek.jp/NP01/ .
Rooms are reserved at Okura Frontier Hotel Tsukuba or at Okura
Frontier Hotel Tsukuba Epochal upon your reservation at a special
discount rate for the workshop, for which you should note "KEKNP01"
in the comment area of the reservation form.
Okura Frontier Hotel Tsukuba (former "Tsukuba Dai-ichi Hotel") is
adjacent to the "Tsukuba Center" bus terminal, where buses from
the Narita Airport and from the JR Tokyo Station arrive. Okura
Frontier Hotel Tsukuba Epochal is about 800 meters south of the
bus terminal and is connected by a pedestrian pathway.
The access information to the hotels is available from
the Web page, http://www.okura-tsukuba.co.jp/english/access.html .
It will cost about 660 yen to take a taxi from the bus terminal to Okura
Frontier Hotel Tsukuba Epochal.

*Transportation from the Narita Airport to Tsukuba
Tsukuba (or "Tsukuba Science City") is located about 60 km north
of Tokyo and about 40 km northwest of the Narita International Airport.
The Tsukuba Center bus terminal, Okura Frontier Hotel Tsukuba and
Okura Frontier Hotel Tsukuba Epochal are all in the central area of
Tsukuba, and are about 10 km south of KEK.
How to reach Tsukuba is explained in the Web page,
http://ccwww.kek.jp/info/userguide/reachkek.html .
The easiest way is to take a direct bus service, called the Airport Liner
"NATT'S", from the Narita Airport through the Tsukuba Center to
the JR Tsuchiura Station. Tickets are available at the "Airport Limousine
Keisei" counter on the 1st floor in the arrival lobby. (Remind that the
"Airport Limousine Bus" counter on the same floor, by another company,
does not take care of the NATT'S bus service.) The fare is 2,540 yen per
person. The bus leaves the Airport every ~90 minutes (see the time schedule
in the Web page), and it takes about one hour and 40 minutes to the Tsukuba
Center. (Since the bus does not go through Japanese Expressways and is
hardly caught in a traffic jam, the schedule would be reliable.) The last
bus leaves the Airport at 20:00. There are four bus stops: "Shin-Tone-Machi"
(which is skipped occasionally), "Hitachino-Ushiku Station", "Tsukuba
Center", and "Tsuchiura Station"; you should ride off the bus at the Tsukuba
Center (not Tsuchiura Station).

The easiest way to move to the Narita Airport from Tsukuba is again to take
the direct bus service. The ticket going to the airport, however, needed to
be reserved and purchased at least one day in advance.

*Currency Exchange
We recommend exchanging your money into Japanese Yens at a Currency Exchange
counter at the Narita Airport, on the 1st floor in the arrival lobby. The
information is available from the Web page,
http://www.narita-airport.or.jp/airport_e/guide/service/index_bank.html .
The exchange rate might not be better in the hotels/banks in Tsukuba. Please
note that foreign currencies cannot be exchanged in the KEK site.

*Bus Service between the hotels and KEK
We are going to arrange a daily shuttle service between the hotels (Okura
Frontier Hotel Tsukuba and Okura Frontier Hotel Tsukuba Epochal) and KEK,
once every morning and once every evening, during the workshop (Dec.10-12).
A public bus service, though it is not very frequent (every one hour or two)
and costs 430 yen per ride, is also available between the Tsukuba Center bus
terminal and KEK. The time table of the public bus service is available from
the Web page: http://ccwww.kek.jp/info/userguide/reachkek.html . Taking a
taxi from the hotels to KEK will cost about 3,000 yen.

*Scientific Program
The workshop comprises invited talks in the plenary sessions and contributed
papers in a parallel working session. On the last day of the workshop
(Dec.12), we will have several reports from the working groups and have a
special session for discussions. The most update program will be posted in
our Web page. The plenary sessions are held at the Seminar Hall on the 1st
floor of KEK "san-gou-kan (Buiding No.3)". A site map of KEK is available
from the Web page, http://ccwww.kek.jp/main2000/userguide/sitemapkek-e.html
. It is three minutes' walk from the Main Gate (#1) to the Building No.3

In the parallel working session on Dec. 11, we will have five, tentatively,
working groups:
 1) Strangeness Nuclear Physics experiments,
 2) Nuclear/Hadron Physics experiments with primary beams,
 3) Kaon/Muon Decay experiments,
 4) Neutrino experiments,
 5) Physics with anti-proton and other beams
    (including Hadron Spectroscopy).
In each working group, there would be two coordinators (one Japanese and one
from abroad), which will be announced later in our Web page. The oral
presentations in the working session will be picked up by the coordinators
among the contributed papers for each working group.

A registration desk will open in front of the Seminar Hall during the period
of the workshop at 8:30 AM. The registration fee for a participant to the
workshop is 5,000 yen (2,000 yen for students). The fee includes a reception
party and refreshments during the workshop. This fee should be paid, in
Japanese Yen by cash, at the registration desk. Please note that credit
cards, traveler's cheques, and so on, cannot be accepted.

*Reception Party
There will be a reception party on the first evening of the workshop
(Dec.10). You could get the detailed information in our Web page later, or
it will be announced at the workshop.

The climate in Tsukuba in December is a little cold, though we never expect
a snowfall in this season. The temperature is high around 12 degrees Celsius
and low around 0 degrees. Please do not forget to bring a warm jacket/ coat
with you. The weather information of Tsuchiura, the town next to Tsukuba, is
available from the Web page,
http://weather.yahoo.com/forecast/Tsuchiura_JP_f.html .

All the correspondence concerning the workshop should be addressed to the
workshop secretariat, Dr. Tomofumi Nagae, through e-mail at
nagae@post.kek.jp .

Registration Form of the International Workshop on
   Nuclear and Particle Physics at 50-GeV PS
- Family name:
- First name:
- Middle name:
- Title: (Prof./ Dr./ Mr./ Ms.)
- Affiliation:
- Mailing Address:
- E-mail Address:
- Fax:

- I will attend the workshop: (Yes/ No)
        Arrival Date: , Departure Date:
- Need support for local expenses ?: (Yes/ No)
- I want to give a talk: (Yes/ No)
  Working Group #:
Please Return Before November 20, 2001
Dr. T. Nagae
E-mail: nagae@post.kek.jp, Fax:+81-298-64-5258.

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