[news-l-3] JAERI-KEK Joint Project Newsletter Special Issue

From: shinya.sawada@kek.jp
Date: Tue Dec 26 2000 - 10:38:40 JST

 Project Was Approved for Construction (Great Gift for Holidays) !!!
   by Shoji Nagamiya

Very recently, we were informed that Phase 1 of the Joint Project between
JAERI and KEK on high-intensity proton accelerators was approved for
construction. Although the formal approval of the budget will be made by
the Diet next year, the notice from the Government at this time of the
year means that Phase 1 of our project was practically approved.

Phase 1 includes 1) 400 MeV Linac (normal conducting), 2) 3 GeV Proton
Synchrotron (PS) at 1 MW, 3) 50 GeV PS at 0.75 MW, 4) major part of the
3 GeV neutron/meson facility, and 5) a portion of the 50 GeV experimental
facility. The total budget of Phase 1 is 1,335 Oku Yen. We plan to
complete it within 6 years. Note that 1 Oku Yen is approximately equal
to $1 million (if the exchange rate is $1 = 100 Yen). Also, note that
the entire cost of our project including Phase 2 is 1,890 Oku Yen.

We are now preparing to create a strong team for construction. Also, we
will start to consider establishing formal channels to connect to
international communities outside Japan.

The next regular issue of the Newsletter of our project will be published
at the end of January. Because the above news is very exciting to us, I
decided to write a short article to announce this news by having a special
issue of the Newsletter.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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